How to market a product

“Brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is, It is what Consumer tell each other it is”

Product Branding. What does the customer think of your product? Its just a psychology.

You have to understand the target audience and what they need while branding. What does consumer want, what does he feel when he uses your product.

When you sell a mobile, you tell all the features of that mobile, which they might not be interested in listening to. Consumer knows his need.

 Is your product capable of meeting his need? it really matters more.

It’s simple, let’s say you like to eat ice cream and you want to catch fish. Will you catch fish with ice cream on the hook, or put some food like fish food, worms on the hook so that the fishes easily eat it and get caught in the trap. So you also have to understand the need of the customer and do branding accordingly.

Let’s see an other example…

Domino’s Pizza delivery in 30 mins…

Domino’s understood that when its customer ordered a pizza, they needed it in front of them as quickly as possible so Domino’s brand accordingly

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