How to build your personal brand statement

“Think yourself as a brand because you are your own brand”

 Personal Brand Statement building steps

The steps to create a personal brand statement are:

I. List all your skills – natural and acquired

       The first thing you need to do is to list down on paper all your skills, they can be either be natural or acquired and then your strengths, and qualities. You should write all skills acquired through experience, certification, or training. The list you make should be as expandable as possible.

ii. Identify the projects you enjoyed

        You should introspect your life journey to identify the work or projects you enjoyed.

iii. List your audience

        You should also list the audience with whom do you want to work and whom do you want to serve.

iv. Competition

       You should also identify your competitors after identifying your audience. You should find the following things related to your competitors:

  •        How do competitors introduce themselves?
  •        How are they unique?
  •        What is the client’s reaction to the introduction of competitors?

       This will help you find what is offered by competitors, how competitors differentiate themselves, and how the same service is offered to the same target audience.

v. Identify your unique skill 

        You should find out what is your unique skill, quality, or strength (USP) and what differentiates you from others. You should put          together all the information to create your personal brand statement.

Formula of Building Personal Brand Statement

You should use the following formula to easily create your personal brand statement:

i. I help_____ (Whom?)

In this, you should write whom you have helped.

ii. Do_____ (What you do?)

In this, you should fill in what you will do to help the audience.

iii. So that_____ (Benefit they get?)

In this, you should fill what benefit your audience gets from your help.

iv. Because of_____ (Differentiation? /Why?)

In this, you should fill why are you doing this. It is all about that how you help your target audience in a specific thing to provide them benefit because you feel passionate about it.


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